anybody know of GOOD serach engine?

From: chris <>
Date: Mon Mar 29 12:03:13 2004

> I hear you but I don't believe it! I get ads in the top
>three positions about 75% of the time that I use Google. IF they're not
>placing certain companies first intentionly then they have a serious
>probelm with their search engine!

Are you per chance using a browser that may not display the paid links on
the right or top as different from the rest of the links?

Ordinarily, I would think that would be a stretch, but on this list, I
know its common to find people using Lynx or some other browser that may
not display things they way google planned.

its also possible that they company is seeding certain terms in an effort
to get pushed higher on google. IIRC, google prioritizes based on who is
linked the most... so if the company spams public archived mail lists, or
has a banner ad that is being picked up by google, they may be
artifically getting moved to the top.

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