anybody know of GOOD serach engine?

From: Brian Mahoney <>
Date: Mon Mar 29 12:22:30 2004

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Subject: RE: anybody know of GOOD serach engine?

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> > I hear you but I don't believe it! I get used->
> Joe, by the way, do those listings have a colored background, or are they
> a white background? The listings at top with the colored background ARE
> sponsored placements. I ignore these most of the time when I'm not
> specifically looking for a retailer or supplier. --Patrick
I thought of that also, using something like Lynx or something. People have
found various ways to stack the searches now and then but this is, I think,
only temporalily successful. Google mentions this on the link I posted
earlier. Lately I have noticed ad-supported search sites clogging up the top
of the result list, by that I mean pages that have the words I search for on
the page I get but these words only lead to other pages, like a gigantic
cache of text from sites. Does that make sense? I suppose this would mean
there is a flaw with how google is tricked by these sites but I guarantee
you that they are working on eliminating these posers.
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