IBM System/36 and Nixdorf 600/45 available

From: Norm Aleks <>
Date: Mon Mar 29 13:42:42 2004

Free to good home:

* a full-height Nixdorf rack, labeled 600/45, containing a 9-track
capstan-type tape drive and another device that might be a terminal
concentrator, or maybe something more interesting -- it does appear to
have a floppy disk drive in it, but the cabinet's front door is locked and
we didn't try very hard to get inside and look.

* an IBM 5362 System/36 CPU, cosmetically OK (well, mostly), but with no
software, cabling, terminals, or documentation. Would be a good source of
spares for someone who has a 5362.

We need this stuff out of our Oakland, CA warehouse space by Wednesday.
Interested? E-mail me or call Brian Knittel at 510-559-7930.


Norm Aleks
Received on Mon Mar 29 2004 - 13:42:42 BST

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