IBM RS/6000 59H

From: Scott Stevens <>
Date: Mon Mar 29 23:44:32 2004

On Mon, 29 Mar 2004 20:22:43 -0800 (PST)
Cameron Kaiser <> wrote:

> > > I just got handed one, along w/ a AIX 5.1 media set.. Now I get to go
> > > have fun.. Course, it would be nice to know exactly what bits I'm
> > > pulling out of it, as I poke at its innards. .
> >
> > I'll warn you, AIX (pronounced Aches) isn't the most fun of OS's, for a Unix
> > box at home, I prefer IRIX, Solaris, or for a secure system OpenBSD.
> Hey now, I *like* AIX! :) (recovering system admin and I maintain my own
> couple of AIX boxen in my apartment) smit happens, you know.

And I am proud that I just got AIX 4.3 up and running on an ancient 320H RS/6000 box. One of the neater things about it is that it's so old that the "Power" processor on it is actually a board with five or so chips. Not cool like a CPU that's a wirewrap panel of TTL, of course.

Now I'd like to find a microchannel ethernet card for it that is twisted pair, because right now it's only connection to the 'real world' is the serial console (it has no video card), and thin-coax ethernet, which I haven't run in a long time here at home.
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