running 3 phase motors from single phase...

From: Paul Koning <>
Date: Tue Mar 30 08:30:37 2004

>>>>> "Jules" == Jules Richardson <> writes:

 Jules> Rats, I just found out the museum's dead Sperry drum store
 Jules> uses a 3 phase motor - is there any way I can run this from a
 Jules> single phase supply (UK mains, ~240V, 50Hz) without things
 Jules> blowing up? Or am I resigned to replacing the motor with a
 Jules> single phase equivalent?

I thought 3 phase mains was readily available in Europe? Or is that
only on the continent? (I remember we had it in Holland, for the
electric cooking stove.)

In any case, the answer is to get a variable speed motor controller.
Those are oversized inverters that produce adjustable frequency 3
phase AC from either single or 3 phase inputs. The primary purpose is
to feed variable frequency power to 3 phase motors, which will change
their speed -- much handier than gear boxes. But as a bonus, they
will also serve to produce 3 phase power for those of us stuck in the
back country.

Google: "variable frequency motor drive" turns up a pile of hits,
looks promising.

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