Rescued Heathkit OM-3 Oscilloscope

From: Dan Veeneman <>
Date: Tue Mar 30 13:22:51 2004

At 10:17 PM 3/29/04, William Donzelli wrote:
>Certainly there are rare Heathkits out there - if Mr. Klein found
>a CONELRAD monitor by Heath, I would have told him to guard it with his

Are they really that rare? I've got one you can read about at
that showed up among a bunch of rescued Heathkit gear.
I didn't realize they were that uncommon.

Since we're still somewhat off-topic, I picked up the following
OpenVMS Alpha package recently but don't have much use
(no Alpha hardware) or interest (it's too recent). I know there
are OpenVMS fans on the list -- please contact me directly.

(part number BR-03XAA-S8)

Contains three items:

1. OpenVMS Alpha Software Product Library, dated December 1999
Contains documentation and the following 21 CDs:
   OpenVMS Alpha Software Product Library (16 discs) (Dec 99)
   Compaq System Tools (Dec 99)
   OpenVMS Management Tools Version 4.1a for Windows NT (Aug 99)
   Digital Pathworks 32 Version 7.1A (Oct 98)
   OpenVMS Year 2000 Readiness Kit (April 98)
   OpenVMS Year 2000 Readiness Kit Supplementary Files (April 98)

2. OpenVMS Alpha Online Documentation Library, dated December 1999
This is still sealed in shrink-wrap.

3. OpenVMS Alpha Seed Pak Letter, dated May 1999
Contains license pak keys for each of the software products

I'm certainly open to trades, etc.

Sorry for continuing the off-topic discussion.


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