Matrix 3U CPU card?

From: Joe R. <>
Date: Tue Mar 30 18:28:58 2004

   Are you sure that you're not thinking of Matrox? They're still alive
and well (in Canada).

   I tried searching for Matrix along with various other terms such as 3U,
68000, CPU, etc but found that Matrix is a VERY common term :-(


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>Subject: Matrix 3U CPU card?
>> I found several of these a few days ago but I can't find anything about
>> them or the company that made them on the net. They're 3U type cards with
>> 68000-10 CPUs and are marked MATRIX MS-CPU-02C. I found one mention of a
>> computer company called Matrix in an old copy of a VME news letter and
>> said that the URL for Matrix is but now that URL belongs to
>> a company that supplies hair care products. Does anyone know any more
>> about Matrix or these cards?
>Matrix was one of the foremost video card manufacturers, used to be in
>Montreal. They were around not too long ago, maybe three years or so. Major
>competition to ATI at that time. I searched and couldn't find anything
>either. You might want to check out the forums at for general
>matrix info.
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