Matrix 3U CPU card?

From: Brian Mahoney <>
Date: Tue Mar 30 16:11:01 2004

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Subject: Matrix 3U CPU card?

> I found several of these a few days ago but I can't find anything about
> them or the company that made them on the net. They're 3U type cards with
> 68000-10 CPUs and are marked MATRIX MS-CPU-02C. I found one mention of a
> computer company called Matrix in an old copy of a VME news letter and
> said that the URL for Matrix is but now that URL belongs to
> a company that supplies hair care products. Does anyone know any more
> about Matrix or these cards?
Matrix was one of the foremost video card manufacturers, used to be in
Montreal. They were around not too long ago, maybe three years or so. Major
competition to ATI at that time. I searched and couldn't find anything
either. You might want to check out the forums at for general
matrix info.
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