HP9826 Question - Basic 5.12 and such

From: El Presidente <keith_at_saracom.com>
Date: Tue Mar 30 19:14:07 2004

Hello all,

I have a question or 2 to ask on the HP9826. I am now the proud owner of
the labs old system.
Now I have several issues to resolve. The first is the reason I have and
the lab does not. The
display is out of focus and not too bright. I have tried to adjust using
the pots inside labeled focus
brightness. It helped alittle but not much. Any ideas?

Also its no fun without an OS. Now we have BASIC Ver 5.12 at the
lab. Unfortunately its on
3 1/2 inch diskettes and the HP9826 has a 5 1/4 diskette drive. Hence
short of using a mallet
that won't help. So is there a method of using a PC to make 5 1/4s for it
since I do have the
3 1/2s?

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