working magnetic drum stores?

From: Klemens Krause <>
Date: Wed Mar 31 01:07:24 2004

Paul Koning schrieb:
> >> On Tue, Mar 30, 2004 at 10:04:37AM +0200, Christian Corti wrote: >
> >> And please don't forget our LGP-30 here.
> R> Hmmm... then you haven't heard of Mel either?
> Ah yes.... I wonder if it's a true story -- and if so, whether anyone
> has the code. What better program to run on that LGP-30?

Naturally, the story of Mel is true in every detail.

Program we run on out LGP-30 are:
ACT-V, an improved Version of Mel's ACT-I. We can play Moonlander, or
print nice function-tables. (If you want to use the squareroot or sine-
function in an ACT program you have to load this function on a free track
on the drum.
We have two programs to calculate the number PI.
Ther are some versions of a floating point interpreter.
Christian wrote a poem generating program.
And last but not least: Black Jack.

I just had a look to the link Al Kossow pointet to

It shows the head of a coding sheet reffering to program 13.0.
A look in our program library: We have the program 13.2 as paper tape.
The programs had no names, they numbered them from 9 upwards, with a
version number behind the decimalpoint.


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