Vernon Buerg "List" clone for "C"

From: der Mouse <mouse_at_Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA>
Date: Wed Mar 31 01:05:03 2004

> Pardon my ignorance, but is anyone aware of a clone for Vernon
> Buerg's LIST program that will run on the various Unix flavors?

Assuming you're talking about the program
describes...well, it's very thoroughly counter to the Unix philosphy of
"each program does just one thing and does it well". At a minimum, it
would have to include the equivalent of - or be prepared to fork and
process output from - tip/chat ("dialer"), tar/pax/cpio/ar/etc (the
various archive features), lpr/lprng/etc (printing), grep/egrep/etc
(searching), find (directory tree walking), hexdump (looking at things
in hex), and possibly others (for example, I don't know what "network
compatible" is supposed to mean).

This probably could be done, but it would be a pretty horrible mess.

> It would be awfully handy on my shell account!

Perhaps. You probably would be better off, in the long run, learning
to use the full power of the existing tools, though; you'll be able to
do things with them that LIST cannot do[%], the skill gained will be
fairly directly portable to other Unix systems (as opposed to having to
install the LIST-alike), and you will learn a good deal about the
underlying OS in the process.

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[%] At least based on the advertised list of features.
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