Comparing existence of massive number of files

From: Cini, Richard <>
Date: Wed Mar 31 13:57:01 2004


        CDCheck looks like what I need. I can do two checksum files (one on
each directory) and compare the results.

        Thanks a lot for the suggestion.


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> Any good MD5 utilities for Windows that will handle
> large file sets? I downloaded two today but one is a file-by
> file MD5 and the other doesn't recurse down the directory
> only does the current directory.

These days, when I put together a data CD, I use CDCheck to
build a CRC file for it. Once the CD is burned, I verify using
the same tool to be sure it all made it onto the CD.

I use MD5SUM too, but that does one directory at a time
(AFAICT) so it is a little less useful.

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