Computer Replicas

From: Bob Brown <>
Date: Wed Mar 31 13:02:21 2004

Woa... Some of us have families to support. Spending $2,000 (or
even $1,000 on classic computer h/w is
completely out of the question). I've long longed for a
blinken-lights machine, but all of my computer
collecting has been at the low $ end of the spectrum and so-far I've
not stumbled into an opportunity for


> > I think you need a bit of perspective here! "Lots of us" is
>> a microscopic crowd, a very few hardcore collectors with the
>> $ to stockpile.
>I think the number of people on this list with PDPs of some flavor would
>be quite high - maybe at least 20 percent? It is a rough guess, but
>judging from the posts here and there over the years...
>As far as "$ to stockpile" - almost anyone on this list could have a PDP-8
>(with the exception of a Straight, LINC-8, or -8/S) if they put their mind
>to it. They are still out there, so if money is problem, old fashioned
>legwork will eventually pay off. An then there is ebay, of course, and we
>all know that quite few PDP-8s appear every year. Spending $1000-2000 for
>a PDP-8 (maybe an 8/E) is really not completely insane. Put in some
>overtime, wheel and deal, sacrifice a few other luxuries, whatever -
>budget and save and that $2000 will appear.
>Now an S/360 is a different matter. I have worked my legs for something
>like seven years for one, and nothing has come my way (although I missed
>that model 22 by a few weeks, I think). I have also made a serious budget
>for one if Ebay finally pops one up, but none have. Where am I to get one?
>William Donzelli

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