From: Bob Brown <>
Date: Wed Mar 31 22:56:49 2004

One thing that AIX had before hpux is the ability to dynamically increase
the size of its lvols. HP can now do it (and has been able to for a
couple of years), but AIX has had this feature for a long time (and I was
very envious of it until hp finally added it into its unix).


On Wed, 31 Mar 2004, Jay West wrote:

> Lyle wrote...
> > I've worked extensively with Solaris, IRIX, Linux, and AIX for over twenty
> > years (not Linux - only since release 0.9?) - and in my opinion, AIX has
> > features that from it's inception were better than it's competitors -
> Logical
> > Volumes when no one else had them - and SMIT - which made system
> > administration simple. I've worked with AIX on accounts which had
> migrated
> > from mainframes to AIX - and was pleased to find it could scale to meet
> the
> > challenge.
> HP has had LVM for as long as I can remember as an optional add-on, and SAM
> even longer. Wasn't SAM around long before SMIT? I vaguely recall thinking
> that SAM came out first and IBM copied the idea but I'm not at all sure at
> this. Anyone know for sure and can set me straight?
> Jay
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