From: Kelly Fergason <>
Date: Wed Mar 31 19:09:41 2004

der Mouse wrote:

>[quoting order fixed up -dM]
>>>I'm sorry, but I've worked extensively on many differen't unices,
>>>and AIX is truely evil. Guess if it's the only unix you deal with
>>>so you don't keep having to switch mentality between AIX and
>>>everything else...
>>I've worked extensively with Solaris, IRIX, Linux, and AIX for over
>>twenty years (not Linux - only since release 0.9?) - and in my
>>opinion, AIX has features that from it's inception were better than
>>it's competitors - Logical Volumes when no one else had them - and
>>SMIT - which made system administration simple.
>Like Jay, I've worked with various different unices (for most of my
>career, I was a sysadmin at a university research lab), and at one
>point one of them was AIX. And I'm with Jay on this.
>Perhaps SMIT makes sysadmin simple if you don't mind drinking the IBM
>kool-aid - but if you're trying to manage a heterogenous pile of
>machines and keep them more or less similar to one another as far as
>you can, AIX is practically guaranteed to be an outlier. Way, way out.
>We called it "aches" for a reason.
I used it in the 4.x timeframe, and I generally agree with most of the
statements (both ways),
but I liked SMIT because I could view the command. It would show you
the command line
it was about to execute. I'm not generally a GUI user for admin stuff,
but the ability to setup
a complex command and then view the actual commandline statement was useful.

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