Still Looking for Parts to Complete Omnibot 2000

From: Keys <>
Date: Sat May 1 07:19:46 2004

Sorry I do not have a RB5X yet. Sounds like a cool robot to have in the
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> On Fri, Apr 30, 2004 at 08:57:16PM -0500, Keys wrote:
> > I need two items to complete my omnibot 2000 robot....
> I don't have any parts for an OmniBot 2000, but do you (or anyone else on
> the list) happen to have an RB5X? I just learned that the company is
> still in business (and they respond to e-mail, eventually!)
> We had an RB5X at COSI (The Center of Science and Industry) in the
> Three of the folks from the company came out to the museum to show us what
> it could do. One of its "features" is that you talk to it and program it
> over a serial connection in... Tiny Basic. That's right... it's an
> based robot!
> I don't have any parts for one, but at home, I _think_ I still have a disc
> of programs that we wrote for it twenty years ago. If anyone on the list
> has one, I'd be curious to swap bits (obviously, it will take me a while
> reciprocate).
> In other 8073 news, I did hear back from someone who, I think, was
> with Basicon. He promised to dig through his stacks of dusty paper and
> what he has in the way of docs for the MC-1N Rev A. If all he has is
> I might ask someone on the list to be the receiver in return for scans.
> -ethan
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