The CoCo mailing list (was: 6809)

From: tim lindner <>
Date: Sat May 1 12:32:46 2004

Roger Merchberger <> wrote:

> > and the SuperBoard...
> My only problem is that these have been on the drawing board *forever*[1]
> and seem to have a case of feeping creaturism. It would be nice if they
> got the basics for *some* of the abilities of the board down[2], locked
> it, called it "SuperBoard Lite" and brought it out. Therefore, anyone not
> needing the whole shebang...

This is _exactly_ why the SuperIDE project was initiated. Mr. Marlette
wanted to do so much with the Super Board he decided to create a project
with a sub set of the technologies involed.

> I should get resubbed to the coco mailing list, tho. The spam finally drove
> me away (as the old list was directly linked to bit.listserv.coco & had a
> poor s/n ratio...) but if the new list is generally spamfree, it would be
> nice to get back into that again...

Absolutly spam free.

tim lindner
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