New Multibus finds

From: Joe R. <>
Date: Sat May 1 12:32:16 2004

  I found two "new" Multibus cards in the last couple of weeks. The first
was made by Monolithic Memories and appears to be a RAM/PROM card. The
intersting thing about it is that it has three Dallas battery backed NV
RAMs and two RCA 62256 SRAMS. Another oddity is that it has cutouts along
the top edge, probably for some type of I/O connectors.

  The other card is a video card made by Matrox. Everything on it is TTL
except for one LSI IC marked MCH-01. Anyone know what that might be? There
are four other blocks on it that appear to be LSI ICs but it turns out that
they're really DIP switches with covers on them. There is one in the top LH
corner with not cover.

  Does anyone have docs for either of these?

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