DEC VT102 question

From: Jay West <>
Date: Tue May 4 09:20:01 2004

I have a DEC VT102 terminal that I got some time ago from a listmember. On
the right of the keyboard where the numeric keypad is, the keys don't match
the color of the other keys on the keyboard. The upper left key in the
keypad is gold, and the other keys on the keypad are different colors - red,
blue, white - and have editing words on them, I think words like "left,
copy, print", something like that.

My question is - is it likely that someone scavenged keys from another
non-vt100 keyboard to replace missing keys, or was this some option used
with some word processing software? If the later, I'm happy I have something
unusual. If the former, I am going to yank those keycaps off and scavenge
the "correct" keys from one of the other VT100's I'm going to junk.

Anyone know the answer?


Jay West

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