DEC VT102 question

From: Kevin Handy <>
Date: Tue May 4 09:57:29 2004

Jay West wrote:

>I have a DEC VT102 terminal that I got some time ago from a listmember. On
>the right of the keyboard where the numeric keypad is, the keys don't match
>the color of the other keys on the keyboard. The upper left key in the
>keypad is gold, and the other keys on the keypad are different colors - red,
>blue, white - and have editing words on them, I think words like "left,
>copy, print", something like that.
It's a word processing keyboard, probably for some version of DecWord, or
WordPerfect. Both used colored PFn keys.

They were optional keyboards, but quite common. Available for the VT200
series also.

>My question is - is it likely that someone scavenged keys from another
>non-vt100 keyboard to replace missing keys, or was this some option used
>with some word processing software? If the later, I'm happy I have something
>unusual. If the former, I am going to yank those keycaps off and scavenge
>the "correct" keys from one of the other VT100's I'm going to junk.
>Anyone know the answer?
>Jay West
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