Televideo 910 question

From: Jay West <>
Date: Tue May 4 09:51:42 2004

My, I'm just full of terminal questions...

I have a Televideo 910.. maybe it's a 950 but I think it said 910 on it.

When the terminal is just sitting there with stuff on the screen, no data is
being sent or received... it will suddenly flip to a "previous screen" all
by itself. I don't know if the terminal supports multiple pages of display
memory, but the symptom is as if it does support multiple display memory and
spontaneously all by itself it switches pages and I see data on the screen
that came by a while ago.

Can anyone point to a likely culprit that may be causing this? The terminal
itself is in perfect mint condition so I hate to get rid of it but this
problem is annoying!


Jay West

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