SunTurboxGX card names. Possibly OT.

From: John Allain <>
Date: Tue May 4 12:20:46 2004

At the TCF I go a Sun video card (with a STP3010PGA TurboxGX
chip on it) as _scrap_. It's broken, but interesting in that it has printed
on the PCB:
     "Curtis, Chris M, Joe, Brian, Kevin, Chris O., ...
       Mike, Bruce, Don, Anissa, Tony, Young"
and the names
      Curtis, Chris M, and Bruce
are printed with an X over them, rather than being removed.

Is this a list of designers like on the inside of the Mac?
Why did they cross out the three names rather than just drop them?
Looking for more of a story here, in case someone knows.
It's a lot of board realestate used, sounds like it might've been an
interesting project. Less obscure question follows this one.

John A.
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