Summagraphics tablet?

From: Tony Duell <>
Date: Tue May 4 18:02:51 2004

> Does anyone know, or know of a reference to, the serial-line protocol
> spoken by Summagraphics tablet digitizers (specifically, the MM1103)?


> This makes it all at least somewhat usable. But I'd really like to be
> able to get samples back even when no buttons are pressed, whence my
> question.
> The back does include a sticker saying, among other things, "BIT PAD
> FORMAT", which may or may not mean anything useful. I did go

The Sumagraphics Bit Pad 1 was a very common tablet at one time. From
waht I remember, and I do have the manual _somewhere_ (this being a real
manual which documents the data format and includes schematics), there
were 2 output formats. One was ASCII, sending the position in decimal
(that;s what you've got), the other was binary. Which you got was set by
a DIP switch inside.

Another switch turned on streaming mode (I think that's what they called
it) which caused the thing to send out coordinates all the time, even
without a puck button being pressed. I think that's the mode you're
asking for,

I would guess you need to find the right DIP switches inside, which are
doubtless different to those on the Bit Pad 1

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