DEC vt100 terminal stuff / parts available

From: Tony Duell <>
Date: Tue May 4 18:10:27 2004

> In addition, I have a vt102 without the top or bottom case. It is in perfect
> working order, clean, and no burnin with one major flaw. The metal band
> around the front of the tube has slipped, meaning two of the L brackets that

I would be very careful with that. This might be part of the implosion
protection system (that sounds like a rimband to me, but it's not
possible to be sure without seeing the CRT). I wouldn't want to use that CRT!

> So far my plan is to keep the vt102 chassis as spares, and ditch the 2.1

Why don't you move one of the VT100's CRTs into the VT102 chassis? It'll
fit perfectly, there are no electrical mods either (AFAIK it is the same
type of CRT). The swap is not hard.

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