DEC vt100 terminal stuff / parts available

From: Jay West <>
Date: Tue May 4 08:00:25 2004

I have 2 VT100 terminals plus a vt100 plastic shell that I'm parting out.
They are VERY yellowed cases, obviously a smoking environment. Definitely
some screen burnin too. On at least one of them the fasteners that hold the
top of the case to the bottom of the case are broken. I don't think they are
worth much more than the junk heap. They all power up and go into setup mode
just fine. They are all true VT100's, not 102's, etc. Some or all of the
keyboards are missing some keycaps. I think one keyboard may have all it's

In addition, I have a vt102 without the top or bottom case. It is in perfect
working order, clean, and no burnin with one major flaw. The metal band
around the front of the tube has slipped, meaning two of the L brackets that
are held down by that band have slipped back so the monitor is about 1/2
inch forward of where it should be. Thus it won't fit into a plastic case
quite right. The band is too tight to push the L brackets back into place,
and I'm not comfortable cutting that band and trying to put a new one in
place (something about working with a large glass object under pressure
scares me a bit).

So far my plan is to keep the vt102 chassis as spares, and ditch the 2.1
vt100's. If anyone wants me to scavenge parts (logic board, power supply
board, flyback, transformer, keycaps, crt tube, etc.) I would be happy to do
that. Total price for each shipment will be shipping cost + 5 bucks (unless
you just want a keycap or something)...negotiable. The only stipulation is
you must let me know in a day or two, I'm itching to get them out of the
house and gone.

Jay West

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