Mac keyboard tunnel software

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Date: Thu May 6 15:26:43 2004

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> >That doesn't mean there's no lag (you say "because"). Try it over a
> >satellite link, or a slow dialup, sometime.
> Oh very very true, over a slow connection.
> I know I used it in the past over a localtalk network, and it worked
> without lag. Simply because there wasn't enough data being pushed to be
> an issue. I'm sure over a slower connection that wouldn't hold true.
> However, because this software does NOT push the screen image of the
> remote machine back to the primary Mac... you really wouldn't use it over
> anything other than a LAN. You need to be able to see the monitor
> physically connected to the remote Mac to use it. All this does is allows
> you to bypass using a different keyboard and mouse.
> >Of course, this does mean that the two machines in question are almost
> >certain to be connected by a low-latency high-enough-bandwidth link....
> Exactly. Since the machine is unlikely to be more than a few feet away,
> you can use Localtalk at the very least, which in my past use, was
> sufficient bandwidth (I ran it on a 25 MHz 68040 over localtalk
> connecting to a 100 MHz PPC 603 laptop... now I want to use it on a 400
> MHz G3 connecting to a 250 MHz PPC 603e over 10Mbs ethernet... so I'd
> assume there will be no lag as well... there is only minor lag in
> Timbuktu which does FAR FAR more)
> -chris
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Is there any reason an ADB KVM can't be used in this setting? I have used
Timbuktu before and there is a little lag on a 100Mbs network (using
1024x768 resolution on the machine being controlled). I ended up getting a
Dr.Bott KVM for my ADB Macs and it works perfectly (4 machines). Do you
think Timbuktu would lag on a GB ethernet setup?
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