Atari TT030 install media...

From: Jules Richardson <>
Date: Thu May 6 15:40:59 2004

I know very little about these machines, but one just turned up on the
doorstep for the museum. Power supply checks out, I get a white display
(so something useful looks to be happening in the video circuitry), but
I get no spin-up from the hard disk (A Seagate ST-157 SCSI drive) and a
steady floppy drive light.

I'm not sure if the hard disk is fixable yet - no idea if it's a head
crash or whatever. There seems to be little about these drives on the
web, but I did see one comment that they were famous for stiction - in
which case maybe I can give it a hand in spinning up...

Does anyone have install media if it comes to that though? I can always
drop a different SCSI drive in it (I think I have a spare 160MB drive
somewhere), but I don't have any floppies for this machine and I gather
they never were particularly common, sitting somewhere between the ST
and the Falcon...


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