Digitalker mm54104

From: Charles H. Dickman <>
Date: Thu May 6 18:47:57 2004

Davison, Lee wrote:

>Anyone have the datasheet for this chip?
I am sure I do, because I have a handful of the chips in my lab at the

I know they are in one of the National Semiconductor Databooks. I think
it is the one called Special Functions.

>I've got one chip + 1 ROM that isn't either of the usual speech
>ROMs. This was supposed to have been pulled from a telephone
>answering machine.
Mine were for a talking punch press control from about 1983. Funny that
the marketing guy that thought this up didn't realize that the noise in
a stamping plant is such that you can't hear yourself talk, let alone
listen to the machine tell you what was happening.

I think DigiTalker was more intelligible than VOTRAX, another voice
synthesizer chip, but had a limited vocabulary. If it was not in the ROM
it could not be said, so your "special" ROM makes sense. VOTRAX was a
phoneme generator. I have two of these. One is for a TRS-80 Model 3 and
the other is a "generic" parallel interface type.

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