Pro-Log M422 4040/4004 System Analyzer

From: Charles H. Dickman <>
Date: Thu May 6 19:07:20 2004

I have an Pro-Log M825 System Analyzer which is for the 8085. I do have
a manual photocopy for it. I have not used it, but it seems pretty

I also have an 8085 emulator called a Millenium, but I don't remember
the company name. This one is interesting because it is based on a 6800
processor in an S-100 chassis. It has the capability of being controlled
via a remote computer. Has anyone seen one of these? I has a green
vacuum florescent single line display and a large panel of special
function buttons.

I have been wanting to play with it, but it seems that anything that
could be done with an 8085 could be done with a PIC and in one package...


Joe R. wrote:

>Wow! Cool find! I have one for the Z-80 CPU and I know where there's one
>for the 6800. I have an old ProLog catalog and I think it shows the one for
>the 4040 but I don't think it gives any details. I've never tried to use
>mine and I know that the guy with the one for 6800 hasn't been able to make
>his work. I've been looking for manuals for any of them but haven't found
>one. I saw the mention of the one on Jim's site and I've written to him
>several times but he's never replied.
> Joe
>At 06:59 PM 5/4/04 -0500, you wrote:
>>I found this little gem while excavating in the back warehouse of an
>>electronics surplus company while on vacation recently. I'm guessing that
>>it's pretty rare. Lots of blinky-lights and toggle switches! It looks
>>like it's almost brand new. Now I just have to dig up my 4004 CPU and
>>build something around it so I can try this thing out. Anybody have any
>>information about it? The closest I came was
>>, about the 5th entry up from the
>>very bottom. Looks almost identical, but is apparently for the 8080...
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