IEM HP-IB devices (was Cool stuff!)

From: Vassilis Prevelakis <>
Date: Fri May 7 21:06:43 2004

"Joe R." <> wrote:
> About a month ago I picked up what I thought were a couple of HP-IB
> disk drives made by a compnay by the name of IEM of Ft. Collins Colorado.
I have an IEM HP-IB tape drive (a 4400 series). I posted a similar
request for info on cctalk a couple of months ago, but nobody responded.

My box has an HP-IB to SCSI motherboard and an HP 4.0Gb DAT SCSI
tape drive.

> [...] It has a LCD
> display on and it [...] There are also three buttons on it
> marked Select, Next and Previous.

Mine has the same panel and buttons. I tried your trick with the
select button and it gave me a similar demo (nice trick, thanks).
It claims to work with MPE and HPUX and to be compatible with
the HP 7978 tape drive (and the C1511 whatever that is).

Unfortunately, my Integral PC does not recognize this drive.

I suspect that the motherboard for the tape drive is the same as
the one in your optical jukebox, but with different ROMs. There
is also a DIP switch in the back (for setting HP-IB address and
various options) and a bunch of jumpers inside. I have no idea what
they are supposed to do. If you want I can take a photo of the
motherboard and send it to you.

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