Find: HP 97

From: der Mouse <mouse_at_Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA>
Date: Sat May 8 11:51:44 2004

>> I just picked up an HP 97 at a church rummage sale. [...]
>> and the external power connector is marked 5V.
> It should be marked 8 volts. The charger for them has an 8 VAC 3VA
> output.

Maybe it's not a charger, then, but just a calculator power supply.
It's fairly clearly maked "5 VOLTS 2 WATTS". Doesn't say whether AC or
DC, even, which I found surprising.

>> Even the printer works (though the ribbon appears a little
>> enfeebled).
> There is no printer ribbon. it uses thermal paper.

Certainly not normal thermal paper. Most thermal paper will show a
mark if I draw my fingernail across it when it's on a hard surface; I
tried that with this paper and it does nothing. I haven't tried
heating the paper, which of course is really the acid test.

Also, the print started out light and got better, which is indicative
to me of a ribbon that had a dried-out spot and has now moved to a
better area.

Perhaps I have a 97 with a rare ribbon print mechanism? :) I'll
probably open it up, if only to convince myself what the external power
_really_ should be (I've been connecting to the battery connector, not
the external power connector) and, if DC, what polarity. I can look at
the print mechanism when I do. I can also try heating the paper to see
what happens.

>> The thing cost me all of five bucks. :)
> You can make a nice profit on E-bay :-)

Nope, I never use ebay. :)

> BTW you do know that the slot on the LH side is for a mag card reader
> don't you?

It took a while, but yes, I realized that eventually. It came with no
cards, though - is it possible to make them with something like a piece
of magnetic tape and some thin stiff plastic or some such, or must they
be The Real Thing?

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