DEC 11/23, RL01s,RX01s,VT100,LA120

From: Jerome H. Fine <>
Date: Sun May 9 18:57:48 2004

>beclassic wrote:

> [Snip]
> through a 1000 baud modem. I believe the latest RT11 I used was v.3B, but
> v.4 may also be there.
> I have the usual stuff that went with operating the machine:
> - printed docs ( box of paper ) for diagnostics, plus microfiche version
> - original diagnostics on RL01
> - original manuals for each item (I think)
> - some hardware diagrams/schematics, along with installation booklets
> - 8-10 of the small paperback books of equipment from DEC
> - 4-5 large blue notebooks from DEC regarding operating system, etc.
> - maybe 9 RL01 disk packs in total - a few used RX01s
> - software - RT11, BASIC, Fortran?, TSX?, DBL? - some confusion in this
> since the distributions came from a third-party developer via RL01, not from
> DEC on distribution-type media.
> [Snip]

Jerome Fine replies:

Since I switched to using RT-11 / TSX-PLUS and other
PDP-11 software under these OSs using an emulator that
runs 15 times as fast as a real DEC PDP-11/93, I don't
really have much interest in the real PDP-11 hardware.
And since I am a software addict, that suits me perfectly.

BUT, I am attempting to preserve as much RT-11 / TSX-PLUS
software as possible. I am in the last stages of getting V1-0 of
a CD with 13 different distributions of RT-11 ready (from
V1-15 to V05.03). So having access to as many of the old
RT-11 distributions as possible is the goal. If possible, I would
like a copy of all of the RT-11 / TSX-PLUS distributions,
the operating systems and the layered products.

Are there any RT-11 distributions among the media, including the
BASIC, FORTRAN and DBL? Is there some way that you could
copy them?

Sincerely yours,

Jerome Fine
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