Restoring a VAXstation 3500

From: Doc Shipley <>
Date: Sun May 9 20:55:07 2004

John Allain wrote:
> Patrick's information is pretty complete. I'll mention that DSSI/RFxx
> _drives_ are easier to find than controllers, and for SDI/RAxx series
> both controllers and drives are not hard to find. Someone up in
> Massachusetts sold me a beautiful RA92 drive a year ago for $50,
> and seemed to have dozens more.
> Also I wouldn't be surprised if you could boot directly from the network,
> instead of a floppy, but not sure of that one.

   I have a MV-III with a DEQNA interface and RQDX3 w/RD54, and a MOP
boot with all filesystems *and* swap on remote NFS partitions is
considerably faster than running on the RD54.

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