Sharp PDA question

From: Michael Nadeau <>
Date: Tue May 11 06:05:21 2004

Japanese electronics manufacturers often used letter designations in the
model names to indicate the geographic market in which their products were
sold. However, your thought about the name change is also quite possible.


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Subject: Sharp PDA question

> Here's a strange one... what is the difference (other than the names)
> the Sharp IQ-7000 and the Sharp OZ-7000?
> I'm sitting here holding both in my hand. The IQ version has a label
> it the "Electronic Organizer" while the OZ version has a label calling it
> more popular "Wizard." Otherwise they are identical twins (including the
> instruction manuals.)
> Unfortunately neither has batteries right now, so I can't boot them to
> for OS versions, etc.
> Even if Sharp merely changed the name from Organizer to Wizard, why would
> bother drastically changing the model prefix from IQ- to OZ-?
> Evan
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