Z8000 parts question

From: Kane, David <David.Kane_at_aph.gov.au>
Date: Tue May 11 21:21:06 2004

<snip> Do you have any docs on the ICs used on this board?

 Z0800110PCS CPU, the others are Z08030AB1 Z-SCC, Z0803606PSC Z-CIO,
Z0801010PSC Z-MMU and Z0858110PSC.

Zilog still CMOS versions of the Z-SCC and so there is doco on their
site for that chip. Jurjen Kranenborg (www.kranenborg.org/z8000) says he
has tech namuals for Z-MMU, Z-SCC, and Z-CIO, and a product spec for
the Z8581 clock generator chip. I also have hard copy (no scanner
thought) of the MMU so I could answer questions. I have collected
largeish PDFs from zilog's site of the Z-SCC and Z-CIO chips, and a big
PDF of the Z8000 tech manual (which is also at Jurjen's web site).

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