Front panel controller

From: vrs <>
Date: Tue May 11 21:20:56 2004

> > How does this one compare to the "blinkenlight console" project Henk
> > is doing?
> I don't know. I haven't looked at Henk's. But the main difference is
> that I started this earlier (I believe) and the design is done and going
> to fab in another week or so.

Well, I have been doing the layout work for Henk's board. and it is ready
for a test fab, except that we are doing a conversion from the 6802 to the
6809, after some feedback from the potential users.

I think there are roughly 20 each of the cpu core and the I/O boards spoken
for, so far.

The design is basically a 680x cpu core driving at least one I/O board,
which interfaces to the switches and lights. Each I/O board drives up to 64
outputs and can take up to 64 inputs. Fanout issues currently limit the
system to 6 I/O boards, IIRC.

Current plan is to do one-off runs of the cpu and I/O in Europe, make sure
there are no problems, then do larger runs here in the USA.

I expect Henk will be getting to his e-mail in a few hours, to speak for
himself :-).

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