Rockwell R6765 datasheet

From: Dwight K. Elvey <>
Date: Wed May 12 13:41:16 2004

 Isn't this just a uP765 floppy controller? I think this is
available from several sources. This is what was used on the
first PC's. I think Intel has a different number for this as well.

>From: "Jens Laland" <>
>I see that you in October 2003 were looking for the Rockwell R6765
>datasheet (Ref.:
> If
>you by any means got hold of it, would there be a possibility that you
>could share it with me?
>Best Regards,
>Jens Laland
>Bryne, Norway
>I have been curious all my life, about things: something to play with,
>investigate or know more about. However, a challenging process is often
>better than firm results which tend to leave you in the void between lesser
>storage space and the constant urge for something new.
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