Computer Estate

From: Ashley Carder <>
Date: Wed May 12 13:57:07 2004

I defnitely inherited the packrat gene.
The biggest marital "disputes" that my wife and I have are
related to my "stuff" (the wife calls it by another name that
starts with the letter "s") being all over the place.


P.S. It would sure be fun to go through that collection of
computer stuff in the NW, but I'm in the SE.

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> At 01:38 PM 5/12/04 -0400, der mouse wrote:
> >> Do I have a list of items? How much is ??ooverwhelming????
> >
> >> There is a 60x40 shop, a 40x20 shop, and a 4 bedroom house.
> >> I am unable to make a complete list, because of the ??omouse in a
> >> maze??? environment. We shuffle sideways down the halls, and follow
> >> paths through the living and dining room. Two of the bedrooms are
> >> look-in, not step-in rooms.
> >
> >Hoo boy. I'd be like a kid in a candy store. Now I _really_ wish I
> >lived closer! (I'd find the environment very familiar; my father's
> >basement, while filled with things other than computers, was in other
> >respects very much as you describe.)
> So was my fathers. Now my house is that way. I think it's hereditary! Is
> there anyone on this list that ISN'T a packrat?
> Joe
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