IDEA - Collector interest database

From: Brian Mahoney <>
Date: Thu May 13 09:46:14 2004

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> ^^^^^^^^^^^
> BTW I like the VCM.*
> Itt's just that we're talking show-and-tell, not show
> and sell, in this instance. The VCM is actually a
> surprizingly good effort and I hope everybody on
> the list checks it out at least once a month.
> John A.
> * a freeze-dried sentence
All of the material doesn't have to be on the same site to be searchable, I
don't think. Can't you setup a Google app to search only what site/sites you
want and then continually edit that list? I don't mean the Google main
search site, I mean the one you can install on your own site. That way you'd
have this massive database similar to the web itself but using only sites
that pertain to vintage computing. Dead links would be reported somehow or a
spider could check the base sites on a regular basis.

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