IDEA - Collector interest database

From: John Allain <>
Date: Thu May 13 09:53:15 2004

> I've had this site up for more than a year now. It's kinda lame, I
> know, but it's an attempt anyway.

I like the simplicity of this.
Kind of like the bulletin board where everybody posts their business
card. The links to individual sites are there... so this could be an
index to a webring, and each individual could decide how much
information to put there, and how to do it. That would also create
a compete and evolve system that may be a good motivational tool.

- - -

On the subject of databases. I think they're too "Robot friendly"
and that may be more an opportunity for the unfriendly than the
friendly. Look how neat eMail and NewsGroups were for years,
and then people got the spark of an idea for spam. Right now
I get 300 spams a day, and that costs a lot of time.
I think if you list out your whole collection to a database that
creates an opportunity for some kind of unfriendly approaches,
I don't think I'll know what exactly they'll be until they're a problem.

BTW I have a personal collection database on my computer
and even though I know SQL and Excel I kept it flatfile, since
the needs differ between systems and parts, between manuals
and boards, etc. Different things fit different spots.

John A.
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