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Date: Thu May 13 09:56:07 2004

On Thu, 13 May 2004, Ron Hudson wrote:

> Ok, perhaps this is on-topic because I am writing a program for (at
> first) an apple IIC+
> I need names for 50 kinds of cargo for a SPACE TRADER game...
> stuff like "Military Electronics", "Computer Software" , "Industrial
> Gems"
> "Metal Ore","Dangerous Plants" (what? man eating?)
> My imagination gave out after the first 8-10 ...

Blow-Up Dolls
Sex Toys
Power Cords
Shredded Paper
Discarded Tinfoil
Paper Clips
Cat 5 Cables
Bras and Panties
Bubble Wrap
Printer Toner
PostIt Notes
Whip Cream
Leather Whips
Lahsa Apsos
Holy Hand Grenades

Some of this is inspired by stuff around my office (guess which ones :)

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