Computer Estate( and collecting)

From: McFadden, Mike <>
Date: Thu May 13 11:15:04 2004

There are many areas of "collectors" that can't give up any parts of
their collections.

My grandfather had an old corn crib that was full of partial parts and
containers of stuff from the orchard and farm. There were tractor
parts, mower parts, sprayer parts, wagon parts, and picking bags. You
could not just drive to the store for a part when something failed.
After he died I looked through it, saved some unique items and it was an
education of how farming used to be versus what it is today. I don't
think he thought he was a collector just a farmer.

Currently I have neighbors who are sailors and their back lots are a
collection of boat parts. I have seen more hasty repairs from the
collections. The local community would like to clean up "junk" however
one person's junk is another's treasure. It's probably related to
availability, if you have a broken boat and need a part then the closest
part is the best.

Then there are the car people! I don't know enough to comment.

You have never seen stuff until you meet some "horse people", they have
more tack, ribbons and stuff than most.

I'm the computer person. The nice thing about computers is they don't
eat, and need veterinarians.

This weekend is a general community cleanup and I'm keeping my eyes open
for any neat computer stuff. Last year I got an HP 7550 pen plotter
from the dumpster. Of course I will have to negotiate with my wife.

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