Computer Estate( and collecting)

From: Torquil MacCorkle, III <>
Date: Thu May 13 14:09:32 2004

> You have never seen stuff until you meet some "horse people", they have
> more tack, ribbons and stuff than most.

They have tack, we have boxes and boxes of random cards/drives. They have
ribbons, we have ribbon cables.

I've found that in every 'hobby', no matter how inexpensive it seems, there
is always a way to make it really expensive. (Like my astronomy hobby, I
figured I'd just look at random stars for free.... but I want to look at
dimmer stars, so I need more size and aperture, then I don't feel like
pushing it around so I have to build some kind of computer control for it.
If a hobby is 'cheap', you are not into it enough. :)

> I'm the computer person. The nice thing about computers is they don't
> eat, and need veterinarians.

Except you likely pay as much if not more than that in electricity, whereas
horses require none (... YET ;))

Torquil MacCorkle, III
Lexington, Virginia
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