new finds (Acorn, Sun, Apple)

From: Jules Richardson <>
Date: Mon May 17 05:06:56 2004

The following turned up yesterday from a couple of skips:

  Two Acorn 420/1 machines, one with an ST506 drive and the other with
an IDE drive and interface. One has an Ethernet board fitted. Both seem
to have some sort of CPU upgrade fitted to them.

  An Acorn A5000, with a board called a "Colourcard" in it - I assume
it's some sort of video board with a better spec than the standard video

I got keyboards and mice for all three machines, which was nice. Also
found two seperate Ethernet cards, a whole slew of RiscOS ROMs in a box,
Artworks software and a pile of Artworks dongles. Oh, and a collection
of the rear panel blanking plates (I'm actually missing those from some
of my Acorns, so they'll come in handy :-)

I also came away with Sun Sparc 4 (gutted though), a Sun Sparc 10
(memory and CPU board fitted, no hard disk), and a Sun Ultra 1 (also

Couple of Mac LC III's were in the haul too, a couple of Apple Ethernet
boards, an Apple SCSI CDROM drive, plus misc. bits - a 760MB full-height
SCSI drive, several small-capacity IDE drives, couple of sticks of Sun
memory, couple of RS232 gender changers etc.

I passed on the huge Apple Quadra tower that was in the skip, and the
numerous PCs that were in there... :)

Not a bad haul for free though.


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