new finds (Acorn, Sun, Apple)

From: Philip Pemberton <>
Date: Mon May 17 12:42:54 2004

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          Jules Richardson <> wrote:

> An Acorn A5000,
The desktop version of the A4 laptop. RISC OS 3.11, 4MB upgradeable to 8MB if
you fit a second MEMC, IIRC.

> with a board called a "Colourcard" in it - I assume
> it's some sort of video board with a better spec than the standard video
> output?
If that's the Computer Concepts Colour Card, you'd be right. IIRC it allows
you to run high-resolution monitors on the lower-end RISC hardware. Sort of
like the Windfall Engineering Viewfinder card.

> I got keyboards and mice for all three machines, which was nice. Also
> found two seperate Ethernet cards
Some people have all the luck. I'm after an Econet card for my A4 laptop. It
doesn't have to work - I'm mainly interested in the grey plastic mounting

> Artworks software and a pile of Artworks dongles.
If you've got a fairly recent version of Artworks (v1.7 was the last version
from Computer Concepts, IIRC), MW Software ( will upgrade
it to the latest version (v2.21) for just over ?120, IIRC.
AW2.2 is well worth having (says he who's only had his copy since the
Wakefield show on Saturday). I've been using it to design iconsprites (the
sprite that RISC OS displays above the filename for an application in a
Filer window) for my apps. Plenty of fun :)
I think the early Artworks dongles had a few glitches - they interfered with
printing, IIRC. I had a copy of Impression Publisher Plus that used a dongle.
The dongle kept "disappearing", then Impression quit. I think I ended up
paying ?20 to get Computer Concepts to upgrade it to the non-dongle version
which has worked fine ever since.

> several small-capacity IDE drives
Any 2.5" drives? I'm after something between 150 an 500MB for my A4 laptops

> I passed on the huge Apple Quadra tower that was in the skip, and the
> numerous PCs that were in there... :)
You found that lot in a skip? Wow.

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