Sun Ultra 1 questions

From: Jules Richardson <>
Date: Mon May 17 05:17:11 2004

See my other post about the Ultra 1 I found. (I think it's a couple of
years too new to be on-topic - sorry!)

I put the pair of memory sticks in there which I got in the same day and
tried powering the machine up using a terminal as the console.
Amazingly, it's alive!

At the moment it's set to boot from the network - any idea how I can
interrupt that and get into the boot monitor in order to switch that
off? I think there's some key combination to do it from a keyboard, but
of course I don't have one handy at the moment - just the console.

There's a clear perspex bracket above the CPU for holding a fan, but no
fan. As this machine had been stripped before I got it, I don't know if
it should have one and someone had taken it out. The CPU has a large
finned heatsink on it - on the web I saw a vague report that Sun may
have stopped putting fans in the machines on later ones and just used a
larger heatsink. Any ideas?

Finally, any clue as to whether the Apple SCSI CDROM I got will work in
the Ultra? It's a 1993 vintage drive, an "AppleCD 300 Plus". If not, I
do have a SCSI drive that'll do both 512 and 2048 block sizes, but it's
in a running machine at the moment...

No idea why this machine was thrown out. It seems to work so far. Maybe
it has an intermittant fault when it's been running for a while, or
maybe the network interface is dead (according to console messages it
notices when a cable's present or not though).


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