Sun Ultra 1 questions

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Mon May 17 10:32:18 2004

>Finally, any clue as to whether the Apple SCSI CDROM I got will work in
>the Ultra? It's a 1993 vintage drive, an "AppleCD 300 Plus". If not, I
>do have a SCSI drive that'll do both 512 and 2048 block sizes, but it's
>in a running machine at the moment...

Does the "AppleCD 300 Plus" support 512-byte blocks? I've got a 3rd
party 4x external drive I bought for my PowerBook 520c back in '95
that I typically use on systems that require 512-byte blocks.
Somehow I got lucky! The computer is long dead, but the CD-ROM drive
gets used several times a year :^)

>No idea why this machine was thrown out. It seems to work so far. Maybe

It was probably tossed because it's old and slow. Having said that,
awesome find, in my opinion, that's one of the best systems for
running OpenBSD (I've often wished I had one). One of these days
I'll get one, I've managed to get everything between the Sparc 2 and
Ultra 60, except it and an Ultra 30 for
free :^)


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