new finds (Acorn, Sun, Apple)

From: chris <>
Date: Mon May 17 15:46:12 2004

>I don't think it was *that* good. I'm certain it was only three numbers,
>not four. It could well have been a 950 - given the dusty dirty skip it
>was lying it it's not impossible to believe that dirt made the 5 look
>like a 6 :-)

What may be tell tale is, did you actually see the name Quadra on it (I
came in late, so I responded before without realizing you called it a
Quadra). If so, then it is not a 9600. A large tower with Quadra on the
name plate would be a 900 or 950 (there were no 96x in the Quadra line,
although there were some 6xx, but no 69x and the 6 series were all
desktop cases, not towers). Slightly smaller tower would be the 8xx series

A Q950 still isn't a bad machine, but not as big of a deal to abondon (I
have a WorkGroup Server 95 which is the Quadra 950 with a different
software package).

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