new finds (Acorn, Sun, Apple)

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Date: Mon May 17 16:14:15 2004

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> >I don't think it was *that* good. I'm certain it was only three numbers,
> >not four. It could well have been a 950 - given the dusty dirty skip it
> >was lying it it's not impossible to believe that dirt made the 5 look
> >like a 6 :-)
> What may be tell tale is, did you actually see the name Quadra on it (I
> came in late, so I responded before without realizing you called it a
> Quadra). If so, then it is not a 9600. A large tower with Quadra on the
> name plate would be a 900 or 950 (there were no 96x in the Quadra line,
> although there were some 6xx, but no 69x and the 6 series were all
> desktop cases, not towers). Slightly smaller tower would be the 8xx series
> A Q950 still isn't a bad machine, but not as big of a deal to abondon (I
> have a WorkGroup Server 95 which is the Quadra 950 with a different
> software package).
> -chris
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The AWS 95 has the A/UX software package along with a PDS SCSI (with DMA)
and processor cache card (the rest of the system is the same). My 950 with
the previous mentioned cache card (with 512k cache) runs A/UX 3.1 fairly
well for such an old machine and slow processor.

A base 950 can be found for $39 _at_ while the
aws95 is $99 at the same place (cheaper at eBay but shipping is always
padded). I would not bother digging a whole 950 out of the trash if its that
dirty, but I would open it up and grab all the cards (especially if it had a
PDS server upgrade card) along with the memory and any special faceplates
(DAT or CDROM since they are hard to find and sell easily). If your real
lucky you might find the mythical rare 5 bay HD rack which would sell for
$$$, I have never seen one myself.

Even the plain 950s were used with exotic sound and video capture cards
(nubus slots) and quite a few still go for a premium on ebay by themselves.

So the machine might not be special in and of itself, but the parts inside
could be.
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