IBM AT Free to a Good Home

From: Scott Stevens <>
Date: Thu May 20 21:24:18 2004

On Mon, 17 May 2004 15:45:22 -0400 (GMT-04:00)
Steve Thatcher <> wrote:

> I'll take it. I have been looking for a real AT...
> best regards, Steve Thatcher
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> Subject: IBM AT Free to a Good Home
> I have an IBM AT with all original docs and keyboard, in like-new
> condition from the original owner. It can be yours for the price of
> shipping. Note that it has an upgrade VGA video card in place of the
> usual mono or CGA/EGA card, and that it currently will not boot from
> the hard drive (which is why he finally upgraded to a PC made in the
> last 20 years). A 14" VGA monitor, IBM ProPrinter, and Okidata 320
> printer are also available as part of the bundle. E-mail if you have
> questions or want the thing. Note that I ship via Mailboxes Etc. so
> be prepared to pay their packing/shipping rates or arrange to pick it
> up.

I am still on the scout for an original IBM EGA monitor for the PC/AT I
picked up over a year ago at auction. It's a real back-burner project,
of course. I have resolved not to power the system up until I find said
monitor, or at a minimum a real IBM 9-pin mono monitor. The AT box has
original EGA card, with the bare 64K of RAM, and I have decided not to
'foul' it with a VGA card. Incidentally, I'm probably one of the few
people who for years ran a PC with the IBM EGA card jumpered in
'monochrome' mode, a mode that gave one bit graphics better (in some
respects) than a Hercules card when a common 9-pin mono monitor was
attached. Back in the day when all I aspired to were
green/white/amber-screen monitors, of course. Now I can't find a 9-pin
mono monitor for the life of me. Bought a whole system for $3 at
auction last weekend after looking across the room at it because it
showed 'promise' of having a 9-pin mono monitor. Alas another multisync
VGA. Times have changed, and what's scarce and 'unobtainable' has
changed with time.

Anybody who reads the list going to the IUPUI auction in Indianapolis
this Saturday?
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